Comin to whoop your ass

Cute beyond all reason

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Last night I went to a party, and I had a pretty good time. I drank enough to relax but not so much that I got drunk. That’s my preferred amount. Everyone there was pretty cool. I drank my last beer and just sat by a fire pit outside and talked to some folks for probably two hours or so. Then all of a sudden I thought, it’s time to go home. And I said see you later, thanks for the party, and went home. I think it was the moment when I completely sobered up and I just wanted to be at home in bed.

I’m not sure what my upstairs neighbors are doing, but there is a lot of rapid clanging coming from up there.

Looking at sweet pictures of my sweet month old baby cousin Elise makes my day and makes me smile. She’s just too wittle bitty to make anyone unhappy.